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Welcome to Alpha Family

Learning the proper techniques & staying efficient in the water has always been a core principle for our swimmers. We strive to keep an upbeat environment where everyone is welcome to come learn and thrive! Welcome to the Alpha Family!

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Feel for the Water

1) Dedication: Commitment is the most important concept for an athlete to have. There is a difference between a need and a want. If an athlete wants to achieve a goal, there must be specific steps for them to get there. If an athlete recognizes a need, then they will do all the work necessary to get to their goal. Without commitment, there will be no progress, and without progress, the results will not reflect the athlete's abilities. 

2) Consistency: Consistency is crucial for constant development. There must be a routine set in place to achieve the highest results. This means that no missed workouts will be tolerated as each practice will be filled with purposeful tactics for advancement.

3) Focus: In swimming, the focus is significant to a swimmer's development. Every exercise or drill has a purpose. The swimmer must recognize the meaning behind what is being asked of them in order to excel. Some swimmers perform well during practice, but when it comes to racing, they fall behind and don't perform to their best ability due to their lack of focus and overthinking. 

4) A healthy Mindset: The most prominent mistake that a swimmer makes is self-doubt. When it comes to competing, swimmers' must find a way to block out negative self-talk and focus on the routine of the race. On the pool deck, there are many distractions. Therefore, swimmers must learn how to avoid distractions and focus on the race plan that will generate results that exceed their expectations. 

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