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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Swimming Pool


  • Maintaining a positive team environment.

  • Helping oneself find purpose in taking part of the sport.

  • Doing the little things right; Executing adequate recovery, arriving early for pre-practice stretches, etc. will make a swimmer more disciplined.

  • Ensuring excellent communication, education, and participation.

  • Providing a non-competitive & competitive program to help guide the swimmers to maximize their true potential.


To provide and advocate increased water safety, better mental health, teamwork, self-motivation, building camaraderie, goal-setting, and having fun!


Core Values

  • Respect: Staff and members will treat each other and associates of our club with the utmost respect while accepting individual differences.

  • Honesty: This is a moral principle of having the character of uprightness, fairness, and truthfulness.

  • Care: As a team, we take into great consideration everyone around us. Staff and members will show utmost kindness & concern for others.

  • Trust: The club is built on principles of trust. The swimmers should trust that the coaches have their best intentions to grow as an athlete, while the coaches should trust that the swimmers are doing their absolute best & having fun.

  • Transparency: the process of being open, honest, and straightforward within the swim club.

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